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Tipping is optional, although cabbies and rickshaw drivers seem to expect tips from foreign tourists. Make sure the driver turns down the meter after you get in. If he refuses to do so (cabbies and rickshaw drivers may refuse to do so late at night or early in the morning or if you want to travel a short distance), hail another cab or rickshaw. If nothing else, ensure that you fix a price before you get in. It is generally expected at hotels and restaurants. Ten per cent of the bill or around Rs. 5 for other services is in order.


One of the difficulties that the travelers face while traveling is the tipping. They don’t know how much they should give as tip? Although tipping is not essential but becomes important when you need timely and efficient services at all times of the tour. Different countries in the world have different tipping standards.

Tips between 15 to 20% are standard in US (excluding service tax in the restaurants and bars). In Denmark tipping is not at all expected in restaurants. Most of the European countries include service charges in their bills but you are expected to tip a little extra.

However, the customary tipping in India is 10%.

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