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Export Regulation

The visitor can take back all articles brought in by him. In addition, he can take out the following purchased in India: (a) Souvenirs (including Indian silk, wool, handicrafts, etc.) without any limit; (b) gold jewellery and silverware up to Rs.100,000 in value. Export of most wildlife products is prohibited or strictly regulated. Therefore avoid buying anything made of ivory, reptile skin, tortoise shells and any part of wild animals.

The visitor is free to take all the articles, which he/she brought at the time of his arrival. The visitor can take several other things that he/she purchased from India. There are certain limits against some of these things. Any quantity of Souvenirs including Indian silk, wool, handicrafts, etc. can be exported. Jewellery including gold, silver, etc.can be exported up to the net worth of Rs. 1,00,000.

However one cannot export most of the wildlife products as these are strictly prohibited in all parts of India including Delhi. There fore, its better to avoid purchasing products made from any part of wild animals to prevent yourself from any hassle at the airport.

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