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Currency Regulation

You can bring in any amount of foreign currency, travellers cheques, etc., and take out as much as you brought in. However, if you are carrying more than US$ 2,500 (or equivalent) you should declare it on arrival, to be attested by the Customs Officer. No Indian currency may be brought into or taken out of the country.

A tourist may bring any form or any amount of foreign currency to India as long as he/she declares them in the Currency Declaration Form provided at the time of arrival. This will not only help the visitor in exchanging the brought currency, but also help him/her in taking back the unspent currency at the time of departure. Cash, bank notes and travelers’ cheques up to US$ 2,500 or equivalent must be declared at the time of entry.

Any form of money whether it is travellers’ cheques, bills, drafts, or cheques, which a tourist want to convert should be exchanged through certified money exchangers and banks which will in turn issue an encashment certificate that is required at the time of re-conversion of any unused money into foreign currency. As per the rules of foreign Exchange Regulations Act 1973, the exchange of foreign currency apart from authorized moneychangers or banks is an offense, punishable under the law.

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