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Conducted Tour

To see all the places of historical interest in Delhi, it is advisable to use a guided tour. Delhi is a round and widely spread out city, and it may be difficult to get to all the places with considerable ease. Compared to Bombay, Delhi has a much more complex structure and easier to get lost in, so be careful. You can rent a chauffeur-driven car or join a conducted tour that is probably the best way to see most in the least amount of time.

Conducted tour almost become essential in the round and widely spread Delhi city. There are several places in the city, which can easily get you lost in. Conducted tours are far much better options than self-guided tours. Such tours become far more important especially when one is new to any place.

These tours help the visitor to visit the most beautiful and important places of the city without any fuzz. Delhi has large number of historical and other worthwhile visiting places. Conducted tour not only educates the traveler about the visited place but also provides the traveler company of fellow travelers.

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