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Majestic Maldives

Majestic Maldives TourCode : 1280
Duration  4 Nights / 5 Day
Destination  Maldives
Route  Delhi-Male-Maldives-Delhi
Best Time To Visit Daily,all year round




Day 1: Arrive Male

The Tour starts from the transport to the hotel in an exciting speedboat. Once you’ve checked in at the hotel, you are free to do as you please – give the beach a look over or just sink back into the luxury of the room. Overnight stay in the hotel in Maldives.

Day 2: Maldives Island

The entire day is yours to explore the island at leisure. Slip into the crystal clear waters to swim with the fish and discover amazingly beautiful corals. Tonight enjoy a Candle light dinner.

Day 3: Maldives Island

Take an optional island hopping tour today.

Day 4: Maldives Island

Another day of relaxation awaits you today. After breakfast you could visit the spa and get an optional traditional Maldivian therapy – a perfect blend of luxury, health and beauty that transforms you into as good as new! Later in the evening, you can enjoy a romantic sunset cruise with your partner. With palms waving in the tropical breeze and the water softly lapping against the beach. Later return back to the hotel.

Day 5: Depart Maldives

Bid goodbye to your island retreat and head back to your onward journey.



In a bid to protect the local culture as far as possible the government has separated tourist activity from daily life in the Maldives to a large extent. So any ideas you may have of really exploring the country are sadly out. However, most visitors understand and appreciate this as being the only sustainable way of managing tourism with maintaining a fragile ecosystem and keeping a cultural identity intact.


The capital city of Male is a fairly bustling place. There are new buildings coming up everywhere and construction activity keeps the city abuzz. It still manages to retain a small-town charm; with its neat streets and quaint marts, pretty in parts and people everywhere. Most travelers hop into Male only to hop out. It’s the only international airport so it is unavoidable. Take advantage of the compulsory stopover to get all your paperwork in order, to stroll at the markets and get your fix of local culture.

Attractions include the National Museum , the towering Islamic Center and Grand Friday Mosque . There are numerous small mosques like the Hukuru Miski scattered across the island: small coral buildings roofed with iron.

The Hukuru Miski is the oldest mosque in Male, and the most ornamental. A 13th century panel tells the story of the conversion to Islam in delicately carved stone.

Shop at the Singapore Bazaar. It has assorted stalls and stores selling local handicraft and pretty trinkets, hosting local men as they relax over tea. Male is a cheap place to stay in and food is fairly inexpensive too. There’s entertainment by way of the cinema which screens song-and-dance Bombay fare, and fists-and-fury Hollywood hits. Teahouses and some restaurants remain open late into the night.

Addu atoll: Seenu 

The atoll, for a long time, was a base for British military operations. The locals picked up English, the ‘western’ ways and are now a formidable battalion in the travel scene! Causeways connect the more important islands and make Addu the easiest to get around and therefore the best for a taste of local culture. The island of Gan has a resort that runs out of an old military base.


Golden sun on shimmering aqua, palm-fringed white, blue curacao and a dash of gin, oysters and moist toast-this, here, is sonata for the senses. Resorts vary from the lavishly luxurious to the basic. The accommodation is almost always whitewashed neat independent cottages, the food almost always sumptuous, the nights full of wining-dining-music and the days full of surf and scuba! There are more than 70 resorts in the Maldives. Most islands are exclusively with one resort but some aren’t. All islands have arrangements for snorkeling, diving and other sports. Some resorts have a discos and bars. Very rarely does it get better than this!


Male is bursting with shops and stalls that sell everything from fresh fruit to sophisticated toiletries and lovely light cotton sarongs in myriad colours. The Baa Atoll has many handicraft shops. These have local ware like lacquer inlaid earrings and ornamental knick-knacks, and cotton sarongs.

Maldives imports most of its consumer goods including furniture for the hotels so things are nowhere near cheap. But the local stuff like the succulent fruits are great and sarongs will make friends at home happy.

Shops are open from 0830 hrs to 2300 hrs Saurday-Thursday and 1300-2300 hrs on Friday. They close for 15 minutes 5 times a day in response to the muezzin’s call.

Eating Joints

The Maldives restaurants and eating joints are numerous in number and are known for their delectable gourmet delights and delicacies. Both local and international food like Chinese, Thai, Indian, Malaysian, Sri Lankan and Continental dishes are served in the restaurants. Most of the eating joints can be found in the capital city, Male, as the other islands do no have many restaurants except of those found in the hotels and resorts.

Sea food is particularly common and famous in Maldives and is not imported unlike most of the food on the Island. The cuisine consists of rice preparations, popadums, and different varieties of pickles, sausage, bacon, basil-topped tomatoes, herb focaccia, omelets, tuna fish preparations, chicken curry and other dishes. Banana hot cakes, berries with cream, exotic fruits, rice pudding, vanilla bean rice, vanilla milk shakes, smoothies and others are the popular desserts which are served in Maldives. The food in these restaurants is reasonably priced and not expensive.

Nightlife in Maldives is pretty good. The best of the pubs and clubs can be found in Male, where nightlife is undoubtedly the most rocking. Many hotels have discos with DJs and Jazz performances cultural shows, crab races and lots of other entertainment. However most of the clubs shut down after 10 pm.

You can also head to a beach where most of the foreigners meet. With tourism becoming a major part of the country, nightlife is slowly gaining popularity.


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