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Greece Tour

  Greece Tour TourCode : 1278
Duration  6 Nights / 7 Days
Destination  Greece
Route  Delhi-Athens-Mykonos-Santorini-Athens-Delhi
Best Time To Visit Daily,all year round




Day 1: DelhiAthens
Meet at Athens Airport from Delhi. Upon arrival, transfer you to your hotel. Rest of the day at leisure, overnight at the hotel in Athens.

Day 2: Athens
After breakfast, transfer for the city tour includes visit to the Acropolis. Rest of the day at leisure, overnight at the hotel in Athens.

Day 3: AthensMykonos
After breakfast, transfer to the port for your ferry to Mykonos. Upon arrival at the port of the island of Mykonos, assistance and transfers to the hotel. Rest of the day at leisure, overnight in hotel in Mykonos.

Day 4: Mykonos
Very popular island, with splendid beach coves, quaint narrow streets laced with whitewashed houses with balconies where you can meet artists and jetsetters alike. Windmills give an extra romantic touch to his lovely island. Lots of air tavernas, offering an array of Greek delicacies. Nothing can detract from the beauty of its landscape, its photogenic churches and its sandy beaches. It is truly an island of Paradise. Overnight in hotel in Mykonos.

Day 5: Mykonos – Santorini
After breakfast, transfer to the port for your ferry to Santorini. Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel in Santorini. Rest of the day at leisure, overnight in hotel in Santorini.

Day 6: Santorini
Santorini is totally unlike any other place on earth. The original circular island was blown apart nearly 3,000 years ago by a fierce volcanic eruption. Today one can only look and wonder at the beauty created by natural destruction. The island of the lost civilization of Atlantis, where you can see unforgettable sunsets and panoramic views… thus the lover’s paradise. The town of Fira’s whitewashed houses, narrow streets, open-air cafes and glittering boutiques cling to a steep cliff, accessible by cable-car or by donkey ride. Overnight at the hotel in Santorini.

Day 7: Santorini – AthensDelhi
After breakfast you will be transferred to the airport to start your journey back home.


Ever read those glossy tourist brochures which promise you everything under the sun? Sun-kissed beaches, gloriously blue seas, all the culture you can fit into a single vacation. Well, even if it doesn”t apply to any other place on earth, it certainly applies to Greece. This is one country where history, culture and natural beauty are in really large doses. Quiet mountain villages, golden beaches, prettily whitewashed cottages, ancient temples and palaces- all of it is here. Packed into a fairly compact area of just below 132,000 sq km- a virtual goldmine of culture, art and exciting archaeological remains. The Greek Islands , scattered as archipelagos across the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, are amongst the country”s greatest attractions. The more prominent island groups include the Cyclades Islands, the Dodecanese Islands, the Ionian Islands, the North Eastern Aegean Islands, and the Sporades Islands . Idyllic little places which (in some cases) time forgot. Tiny havens where secluded beaches are lapped by cool azure seas, where the only settlement around is a village with a single bright blue-domed church, surrounded by stark white cube-like houses. Where the greenery of the hedges is offset only by the golden sun above and the flamboyant pink bougainvillea clinging to a wall. Of the Greek islands, the Cyclades is by far the most touristy. Mykonosbars are the rowdiest in the isles, its houses the whitest; Naxos is known for its beautiful old churches, while the isle of Santorini is famous for the vast volcanic lake which is its main attraction. Ithaca , home of the Homeric hero Odysseus (Ulysses), is a quiet isle with a wild beauty all its own. It”s a place of barren cliffs, rocky slopes and lovely old monasteries which date back to medieval times. Of the Dodecanese Islands, the isle of Rhodes is best known. Home to the largest medieval settlement in all of Europe (much of it dating back to the days of the Crusaders), Rhodes also has ancient temples, Ottoman baths and an impressive old fort- something from every era. Corfu , the most popular of the Ionian Isles, has deep gray-green cypresses, olive groves, wildflowers and a reputation for unparalleled beauty. It is, like the rest of the Ionian Islands, a quiet and comparatively unspoilt place. Skiathos , the chief island of the Sporades, is a hard-to-resist combination of beaches and pine woods with the odd monastery or church tucked away in the wild. The North Eastern Aegean Islands of Thasos, Ikaria, Limnos and their neighbors are not as touristy as the Ionians, the Cyclades and the Sporades , but their wooded hills and oak forests are great for a trek. Crete , the most popular island in the country, is the perfect place for a taste of the gorgeous Aegean coastline. But that”s not all; Crete”s history is amazingly eventful, and there are ancient ruins all across the isle. The best known are the Palace of Knossos, the Palace of Malia and the many monasteries of the isle. But Greece is not all islands. The mainland has its fair share of attractions, many of which find a prominent place in Greek history and mythology. The cloud-covered peaks of Mt. Olympus , the fabled home of the Greek gods, rise 100 km southwest of Thessalonica , a city with enough historicity of its own. The second largest city in Greece, Thessalonica is choc-a-bloc with Byzantine monuments, including a number of churches. History comes alive in other cities too; in Delphi for instance, where the ancient Oracle once wielded considerable power in the governance of the state. Spreading across the cypress-shrouded slopes of Mt Parnassos , Delphi is home to ancient temples which attract millions (no exaggeration!) of tourists every year. The southern peninsula of the Peloponnese similarly overflows with history and serene landscapes. Archaeological sites such as Olympia, Corinth and Mycenae punctuate the peninsula as do the ruins of the ancient and haunting Byzantine city of Mystras. Way off to the north of the Peloponnese lies the port town of Patras , dominated by the splendor of the Agiou Andrea , the largest cathedral in Greece. If you happen to be there during carnival time take part in the festivities and have a wild time amidst the fun and the frolic. The capital of Greece, Athens has sights aplenty to last an entire vacation. You can relive the glorious past of Athens, the former “Paris of the Mediterranean”, in the neoclassical remains and the colorful street life of the city. Surrender to the power of the towering white Acropolis , which is visible from almost everywhere in the city and explore the Ancient Theatre of Dionysus on the southern slope of the hill. The world famous and ancient Parthenon stands in all of its arresting splendor and beauty not very far away. Get a taste of ancient Athens in the village of Plaka to the north east of the city, and in the ancient Roman marketplace of Agora .


Considering the fact that Greece was home to one of the world”s richest and most ancient civilizations, it”s hardly surprising that antiques are a good buy here. Athens” stores sell some seriously exquisite- and expensive- stuff, and are generally reputed. Among the antiques you may be able to pick up are statuettes, carving, engravings, ceramics, glass, and a hundred other treasures. Don”t be a sucker for fakes, though (and there are plenty of them floating around) and keep in mind that you need the government”s approval to export antiques from the Byzantine and Hellenic ages. Apart from these precious relics, you can surprise your friends back home with some traditional Greek jewelry, onyx ashtrays, Skyrian pottery, and mystic amulets to ward off the evil eye and monastery lamps from Meteroa. Shoes, rugs, wine, and dry fruit are great buys which can come at a fairly affordable rate too. Bargaining can help you get a good deal sometimes in flea markets and in the local market. Prices in most shops are clearly marked and non-negotiable. Shops are open Monday to Saturdays 9-3 and 5.30-9 in the summer months. These timings may vary at different locations.

Eating Joints

The Greeks love to eat out- and socialize at the same time. The dyed-in-the wool atmosphere of Greece is anyway best experienced in the tavernas and the Voltas – the popular coffee shops which offer great atmosphere and a close look at Greek society. Your other options are the ouzeries or the mezedopolions, where you can get appetizers, but virtually no main meals. Here, savour the national favorites: souvlaki (a very Greek version of the hamburger); luscious kebabs and grilled gyros served with pita. In fish tavernas, you can have the best of the day”s catch cooked in the finest of Mediterranean styles. The staple Greek ingredients include fresh vegetables, seasoned with light olive oils, garlic, oregano and lemon juice. Cheeses, salads, grilled meats, and pastry are the other `must have” components of a Greek meal- and even tiny eateries in seemingly God-forsaken little mountain villages can churn out exquisite local grub. Throughout Greece people often enjoy eating from small dishes such as meze with tzatziki, grilled octopus and small fish, feta cheese, dolmades (rice, currant and pine kernels wrapped in vine leaves). Apart from Greek cuisine, there are plenty of pizza and burger places around and if for reasons mysterious you should like a change from the local flavors, you”ll have no trouble finding these places. As far as entertainment and nightlife go, Greece has it all. The Greek islands are justifiably famous for their colorful discos, nightclubs, bars and tavernas, but there”s plenty to do even on the mainland. Athens, for instance, has a vibrant nightlife and concert halls such as the Megaron Athens Concert Hall. Bars in urban Greece stay open till the wee hours of the morning, and there are plenty of dance clubs, rembetika clubs, live jazz places, and bouzouikas where you can hear Greece”s latest singing sensations perform. Performances of folk dances and music, opera, ballet and classical music are also an important part of the entertainment scene, especially in Athens and other large cities.


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